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Lists of nutrition, food science departments

Individual nutrition, food science departments in:
Australia and New Zealand

Other non-University tertiary institutions

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The Arbor Guide lists about 170 University colleges and departments in the USA that offer degree courses in nutrition, food science and dietetics, This information is arranged:

USA: by University name

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Note: we have not yet completely standardised the basis for this alphabetical order, so try both the University and the campus names. In cases like "Western Carolina" look under `C'.
Abilene Chistian University (TX): Dpt. Family and Consumer Sciences
Offers ADA accredited major in dietetics, but there is not much information on the course itself on the web site.
Akron University (OH): School of Home Economics and Family Ecology
They offer a Bachelor's degree in Dietetics and a Master's Degree in nutrition /dietetics. Home page has information on these courses and on the faculty.

Alabamah University : Dpt. Nutrition Sciences
Departmental information, along with links to their Obesity Center, lay information service. There is another web site which we believe to be of the same department, as well as one for their collaborative venture with the Department of Medicine, the Division of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics.

Andrew's University (Michigan)
Course and faculty information on their programs in dietetics, nutrition science and Master of Science in Human Nutrition.
Appalachian State University (NC)
Offer a food and nutrition major through their Department of Family & Consumer Sciences.
Arizona State University :Dpt.Nutrition
Departmental faculty and course description. Both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Nutrition offered.
Arizona University (College of Agriculture): Nutrition Sciences
This new and expanded version of their web site has departmental information but also useful nutrition resources, on subjects including: exercise and sports nutrition, osteoporosis, dietary guidelines and general nutrition.
Arkansas University : Food Science
A few food science links.
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Masters and dietetic internship programs described, including faculty, research etc., plus some links.
Northern Arizona University : nutrition course
A program within the Department Exercise Science department.
University of Central Arkansas: Dpt. Dietetics Nutrition
Single page describing in some detail the various course options and the career of a dietitian.
Auburn University (AL): Dpt.Nutrition and Food Science
Simple descriptive of department and courses.
Ball State University , Muncie, Indiana
Bachelors and graduate studies in dietetics, but you have to search a bit to find anything about them.
Baylor University , Waco (TX): Dpt.Family and Consumer Science
ADA approved dietetics program. The web page has a little information on what it takes to become a dietitian, not much else.
Bluffton College (OH), Family and Consumer Sciences
Food and nutrition and ADA approved dietetics majors. The web site has basic information on the program.
Boston University : Nutrition (Sargent College)
Description of course, faculty and other student information.
Bowling Green State University , Ohio: Dpt. Dietetics
Course and faculty information, and a little on what a dietitian does.
Bowman Gray University , NC: Center for Research on Human Nutrition
Organisational information only.
Bradley University (IL): Dpt.Family and Consumer Sciences
ADA approved dietetic training is part of program of major in foods, nutrition, & dietetics.
Brigham Young Univ: Food Science and Nutrition. Dpt.
Program of studies, course descriptions, faculty, newsletter.

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University of California:
UC at Berkeley, Dpt. Nutrition Science
Departmental information for both undergraduate and graduate (linked from the home page)
  UC at Davis: Nutrition Department
Information on undergraduate and graduate programs, faculty, some affiliated units such as:

University of California at Chico: Dpt.Nutrition and Food Sciences
BS in nutrition and food science and MS in nutrition science. Also options in nutrition education and ADA accredited post-degree dietetic training.
UC at Davis: Food Science & Technology
Mainly local information, plus a few links.

Calypoly: Food Science and Nutrition Dpt.
Home page and some food science and nutrition links.
California State University : Los Angeles, Dpt.Health and Nutritional Sciences
There is a Department of Health and Nutritional Sciences, but it does not yet have a web page.
California State University : Long Beach: Dpt.Family & Consumer Sciences
Nutrition and dietetics majors. Only bare minimum of information on web site at present.
East Carolina University : Dpt. Nutrition and Hospitality Management
Information on undergraduate and graduate programs in nutrition and dietetics, faculty details, dietetic internship and quality foods laboratory.
Western Carolina University : Dpt.Nutrition and Dietetics
Faculty, course and career information.
Case Western University , Cleveland : Dpt.Nutrition
Faculty and course information for undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate courses in nutrition.
Chapman University , Callifornia: Food Science, Nutrition
Departmental and course information.
Chicago - Rush University : Dpt Clinical Nutrition
Course information.
University of Chicago: Committee on Human Nutr. and Nutr.Biol:
Faculty and course information on this cross-departmental graduate and PhD program in nutrition.
Colorado State University : Dpt. Food Science & Human Nutrition
Nice colourful web site presenting departmental and course information, faculty profiles (with pictures!) and a reasonable list of food science University links.
University of Northern Colorado: Dpt.Dietetics
Offer ADA accredited dietetics training.
Columbia University : Institute of Human Nutrition
Organisational information, and links to associated institutions, (such as Arteriosclerosis Research Center, Irving Center for Clinical Research, Obesity Research Center).
Columbia Teachers College, NY
Have Masters and Doctoral programs in nutrition education, public health nutrition, applied physiology and nutrition. Also sponsor an AP4 Preprofessional Practice Program for dietetics. The web site has brief descriptions of course content.
University of Colorado Center for Human Nutrition
An inter-departmental effort of the University of Colorado's School of Medicine. The web page has organisational information: "nutrition programs encompassing research, training, education, nutrition services, community outreach, and participation in national nutrition policy."
Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota: Dpt.Family and Nutrition
Faculty and course information on the Bachelors degree offered by this Christian college.
University of Connecticut: Department of Nutritional Sciences
They offer undergraduate majors in dietetics, nutritional biochemistry, food science and nutrition fundamentals, as well as graduate and PhD programs. The web site has information on the faculty and the courses, as well as on some of their research and community based projects.
Connecticut University School Allied Science: Dietetics Program
Curriculum and departmental information.
Cornell University : Dpt. Human Nutritional Sciences
A major nutrition University site, with lots of course material and information on International nutrition. The site is undergoing major renovations at present, however, so check back in late May
Cornell University : Dpt. Food Science,Technology
Departmental information on what is also known as Cornell Institute of Food Science. There is also Extension like material and information for agricultural viewers.
Cornell University : Institute of Food Science
Web site mainly has information about the institution, and links to web sites of other parts of the Institute:
Dpt.Food Science at Ithaca
Dpt.Food Science. and Technology at Geneva, NY; and
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Cornell University : Cooperative Extension

Delaware University : Dpt. Nutrition Diet.
Home page, a little course material and a few nutrition links.
Delaware: Dpt. Food, Resource Economics
Typical home page.
Drexel University (Philadelphia): College of Arts and Sciences: Nutrition and Foods Major
Outline of the course.
Emory University , Georgia: Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences: Nutrition Program
Information on the graduate program in nutrition.

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Finch University of Health Sciences, Chicago Medical School: Department of Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics
Mission statement, curriculum, faculty. The course is done by distance education, but is not an ADA accredited training course.
Florida Intern.University : Dietetics and Nutrition Dpt.
Departmental and course information.
Florida University : Institute Food & Ag. Sciences
This is the Extension institution in Florida. Their home page has mainly organisational information.
University of Florida, College of Agriculture
Brief faculty and course information.

Fort Valley State University , Georgia: Food and Nutrition Programs
Very basic information.
University of California at Fresno: Dpt.Enology, Food Science and Nutrition
Information on their B.Sc.(dietetic) and M.Sc. (food/nutrition) courses
University Georgia: College of Family, Consumer Sciences: Dpt. Foods & Nutrition
Faculty, research and course information on graduate program, plus Nutrition Tips section. Access to a search engine for the University web server.
University of Georgia: College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Dpt.Food Science and Technology
Staff, student and local geographical information.
Georgia State University : Program in Nutrition and Dietetics
Description of course syllabus and requirements.
GeorgiaUniversity : Coop. Extension

Harvard School of Public Health Dept of Nutrition
Departmental information, link to lay nutrition information site NutritionSource.
Hawaii University : College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources: Dpt.Food Science & Human Nutrition
Overview and details of the courses as well as faculty information and food and nutrition newsletters.

University of Houston, College of Technology: Nutrition program
Organisational information, on-line handbook.
Howard University (Washington DC) : Dpt. Nutritional Sciences
African American College which offers undergraduate and Graduate programs in Nutritional Sciences. The web site has faculty and course information.
Houston (Hilton): Instit. Food Science Technology
Home page.
Hunter College, City University of New York: Dpt.Nutrition and Food Science
ADA accredited dietetic training is part of nutrition and food science program which is outlined briefly in this web site.
Idaho University : Dpt.Health & Nutrition Sciences
Very plain text outlining the department and its facilities. It has a physical ed focus.
Northern Illinois University : School Family, Consumer and Nutrition
Faculty and course information.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: Division of Nutritional Sciences.
Faculty and course information, including about the Department of Food Science, Human Nutrition. The Department has an entire section of `classes on the web', with syllabus, assignments, chat space and web resources listed for each course. This is well worth a look just as a model for using the web in nutrition education.
Indiana University : School of Allied Health Sciences, Nutrition Dpt.
Information about their Masters degree course and dietetic internship.
Indiana University of Pennsylvania: Dpt.Food and Nutrition
Information on their Bachelor degree programs in dietetics and food and nutrition science, as well as Liberal Studies courses.
Iowa State University , College of Family and Consumer Sciences: Dpt. Food Science & Nutr.
Graduate and undergraduate programs are outlined, along with student and faculty information.

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This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at University and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages. This particular page is particularly for universities in the USA. This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at University and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages. This particular page is particularly for universities in the USA. This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at University and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages. This particular page is particularly for universities in the USA.