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Mexico academic web sites
Long list without explanation and with names in Spanish.
Salud y nutrición
List of nutrition and health sites in Spanish and English.
Nutrition web sites in Spanish
Brief annotated list of food science and nutrition web resources in Spanish, itself in Spanish.
Nutrition resources in Mexico
Lots of useful information, including list of universities offeriing nutrition/dietetics degrees, list of dietitians in private sector,
WEB de Nutrición Humana, en México
Information on links in Mexico and other countries, divided by technical category, e,g, web pages, ftp sites etc.
Mexico: list of universities offering nutrition/dietetic degrees
Addresses and contact phone numbers, and hyperlinks where appropriate.

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Spain: Ministry of Food, Fisheries and Agriculture (AGRITEL): Ministerio de Agricultura Pescay Alimentación
Agricultural and food statistics, links to agricultural software, preventive issues and a newsletter.
Mexico: Nutrition Society (Nutriólogos Asociación Civil)
This is a newsletter, but it also their home page with information on their courses, meetings, and nutrition in Mexico generally.

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Mexico: list of universities offering nutrition/dietetic degrees
Addresses and contact phone numbers, and hyperlinks where appropriate.
National Autonomous University of Mexico: Programa Universitario de Alimentos

Autonomous Metropolitan University: Center for Biology and Health:Dpt.Nutrition

University Iberoamericana: Dpt.Nutrition
Information on their nutrition degree, with detailed course information.
University de Nuevo León (Mexico): Dpt.Public Health and Nutrition
Offer dietetic training. This page explains the requirements of the course.
University de Queretaro: Dietetics degree
List of courses and study requirements.


Castilla La Mancha Univ. : Dpt.Food Science
Information on `licencing' requirements to become a food scientist and on their course. and faculty. All in Spanish.
Granada University: Dpt. Nutrición y Bromatología
No information specifically on the course is currently available on the web site.
La Laguna University: Medical faculty
The medical faculty has a particular interest in clinical nutrition and a supporting analytical laboratory.

Universidad de Navarra: course in therapuetics and nutrition
Course informatiion entirely in Spanish.
Universidad de Zaragoza: Dpt.Food Science and Nutrition
Department has particular focus on milk science, but the web site has information on basic nutrition, links to other sites, and to the EEC food additive code.

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Spain: National Study of Nutrition and Feeding: Estudio Nacional de Nutrición y Alimentación
Brief overview of report carried out into nutritional intake in Spain.
Obesity issues in Mexico: La Obesidad, una Entfermidad Peligrosa
In Spanish, lay nutrition information and some links related to Mexico.
Grupo de Orientación Nutriológica
A new group which appears to be interested in public health nutrition, but my Spanish is not quite up to the task!!
Software for nutritional analysis from J.Ledesma in Mexico. There is a demonstration file available from the site.
Ask NOAH: Pregúntale a NOAH sobre la nutrición
NOAH is New York Online Access to Health, a public health project to get information to disadvantaged groups. This part of the resource provides health information links for lay people in Spanish. Plenty of good links, particularly for lay readership.

Salud para su Corazón: Latino heart resources from NHLBI
Lay heart disease nutrition information from the National Heart, Lung and blood Institute in the USA.
Healthy Diet: Conceptos Generales sobre Nutrición
Lay information in very simple outline.
Vegetarian diet: Nutrición Vegetariana
Simple lay information.

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Food and food science
Food additive law in Spain: Aditivos Alimentarios
Overview of the law regarding food additives in Spain and list of EEC authorised food additives, plus a description of each group.
Eufic : The European Food Information Council
Has many of its resources and information in Spanish, including the newsletter Food Today

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