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Lists of nutrition, food science departments

Individual nutrition, food science departments in:
Australia and New Zealand

Other non-university tertiary institutions


Germany and Austria
UK & Ireland
Other European countries


University of Vienna - Nutrition Research Institute (Institut für Ernährungswissenschaften)
Information on teaching programs and conferences in what is stated to be a web site under construction.
Institute of Food Technology, University of Agricultural Sciences Vienna
Organisational information and links.


Bourgogne University: Dpt.Nutrition and food science
Part of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Biologie Appliquée à la Nutrition et à l'Alimentation. Course information in French. Also has a plain text list of other food science universities.

ENSBANA: University of Dijon
ESBANA = Ecole nationale supérieure de biologie appliquée à la nutrition et l'alimentation: . This web site has Information about this faculty in Dijon, and its course studies in Food science and nutrition.
Université Claude Bernard de Lyon
Nutrition course information in Acrobat format.
Montpellier University: Diploma in Nutrition
Brief contact information.
Nancy: INRA (Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique) Research Centre
Organisational information in French and English.


A large collection of links to nutrition resources on the Internet, most of them German.
Berlin Technical University
Entirely in German, this site describes the 5 Institutes devoted to food technology, food chemistry and biotechnology.
Bonn University: .Home Economics and Nutrition Science (Faculty of Agriculture,)
Plain text description in English version.
Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena: Dpt.Food Science
Departmental information.
Fulda Tech College: Food and Home Economics (Fachbereich Haushalt und Ernährung)
Departmental and faculty information in German.
Univ of Giessen: Institute of Nutritional Science
Institut für Ernährungswissenschaft der Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen. One of the two most authoratative web sites on Internet nutrition sites and resources in Germany (the other is Hohenheim University- see below).

The web site has organisational information and research interests. English and German versions. Each of the Institutes has its own pages, and some contain more links, fancier java scripting etc than others. There is departmental information, plus course information and some lay nutrition resources. There is also a separate page section with information and links to the various nutrition and food science units and organisations within the university, and/or with which the University has an association. Of greater general interest is a separate section with useful nutrition resources. For example, a very good list of Internet nutrition resources in German.

University of Hamburg, Institut für Biochemie und Lebensmittelchemie
Brief organisational information in German.
Universität Hohenheim
The university has several elements devoted to nutrition and food science.

The Institut für Biologische Chemie und Ernährungswissenschaft web site has information on academics, organisation, research projects, links and publications. It also has one of the best sets of calculators available on the Internet (albeit entirely in German) :
There is a Food Technology Institute (Institut für Lebensmitteltechnologie), but the main home page link was broken when we looked, and we could only find the page of the Food Analysis section (Arbeitsbereich Lebensmittelanalytik) when we checked.

University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Food Process Engineering (Institut für Lebensmittelverfahrenstechnik)
Information on their faculty, teaching and research in both German and English.
Potsdam Univ.: Institut für Ernährungswissenschaft
Departmental information and links.
Univ.of Trier (Germany): Dpt.Food Technology
Faculty and course information in German.


University of Amsterdam: Dpt. Nutrition and Dietetics
Hogeschool van Amsterdam: At present (4/97) most of the site is shown on the main page as "not available yet"!
Maastrich: Nutrition Toxicology and Environment Research Institute
NUTRIM is an interfaculty research institute of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine of the Maastricht University in collaboration with the University Hospital Maastricht.

"Within NUTRIM, about 25 biomedical, clinical, and behavioural-science departments cooperate in the implementation of scientific projects in the fields of nutrition, toxicology, and environmental health. " Their site has organisational information and internal reports.

Open University (Holland): Course on Food in Europe
Organised by faculty from several universities, this course "focuses on the complete chain of Food Production, Food Processing, Food Technology, Food Consumption in Europe, with an emphasis on Environmental and Health effects."
Wageningen Agricultural University
As yet human nutrition has no home page, although food chemistry does.


Italy: Univ.of Milan: Dpt. Food Science and Microbiology
Course and faculty information. There is an English section as well.
Bologna University: Dpt. Food Science and Technology
Faculty and course information, links in agricultural areas, all in Italian at present (although an English page is promised). Many of the links on their pages come from other search engines.


Technical University of Denmark: Dpt Biochemistry & Nutrition
Departmental information.


For a general set of links, see lnks page on web site of the National Public Health Institute.

University of Helsinki, Dpt of Chemistry and Microbiology:
Within the university there is a Dpt. Food Technology, a nutrition section, and a separate separate web site for Viikki Food Science, ("umbrella concept used for the activities in the area of food science and nutrition on the Viikki campus at the University of Helsinki"..

Univ.of Kuopio, Finland: Dpt Clinical Nutrition
Staff addresses and citation details of their research publications.
University of Turku (Finland): Dpt.Food Chemistry
Offer degree courses in biochemistry of food and Food and Nutrition, Environment. Web page is in English.


University of Oslo Institute for Nutrition Research
Johan Throne Holst's Institutt for ernæringsforskning. Information on staff research activities, publications, links, courses. There is some information available in English (There seem to also be an alternative English-language url) and a Norwegian one.with some more restricted information.
Centre of Advanced Food Studies
Has some English information. Departments include Research Department of Human Nutrition.

Department of Food Science,Norwegian Agricultural University
Institutt for næringsmiddelfag, Norges Landbrukshøgskole. This is in Norwegian, but there is also some information in English.

Norwegian Food Research Institute (MATFORSK)
Information in English.


Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden: Dpt.Food Science
Research projects, staff and course information.
Göteborg Department of Clinical Nutrition
Organisational information.
Lund University: Dpt. Applied Nutrition, Food Chemistry
Home page, some links.

Lund University: Dpt.Food Engineering
Material on the department, its research interests, seminars and teaching, and about IT distance education.
Karolinska Institutet: Dpt. Medical Nutrition
Dept of Medical Nutrition, Novum Research Centre in Huddinge, runs the four-year training of Nutritionists in Sweden. It is associated with the Center for Nutrition and Toxicology within the Department of Biosciences, a mainly research body which also also engages in public health nutrition teaching. "The Department of Medical Nutrition is a preclinical department at the Karolinska Institutet, the medical faculty at Stockholm, Sweden. In addition to participation in various courses within the basic medical education program and the 4-year biomedicine undergraduate program at the faculty of medicine, Karolinska Institutet, the Department of Medical Nutrition is also responsible for providing nutrition training at the School of Dentistry and at the University of Stockholm. The cross-disciplinary character of medical nutrition is reflected in the department's research program, which embraces endocrinology, biochemistry, molecular biology, toxicology, cancer research, and medical and social nutrition." Works together with the Department of Biosciences at Novum. The web page has basic information about the department and email and phone contact numbers of staff, but no course outline.
The Unit for Preventive Nutrition
Part of the Karolinska Institute, information here about their courses and staff.
Uppsala University: Dpt.Nutrition
Information on the department, and on some of its projects and collaborations, such as the Nordic Network on International Nutrition. the Uppsala Food and Nutrition Centre, some research and education projects.
Global NutrITion programme
Joint venture involving several Swedish university institutions, main aim of the programme is to initiate and support IT-network collaboration in training and research among departments and universities globally and to provide a professional update of current global nutrition issues. Each year 25 academics from universities in Africa, Asia and/or Latin America are invited to learn about current issues and controversies in global nutrition and how to use information technology in higher education/research in the field of nutrition. Web site has basic information only, perhaps surprising considering the nature of the project, although they do say they have deliberately kept to minimum bandwidth requirements.


Hacettepe University(Turkey) :Dpt. Food Engineering
Information on undergraduate courses, apprenticeship, faculty and some links. In English.
Hacettepe University(Turkey) :Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
Information is entirely in Turkish .
Istanbul Tech.University: Inst.of Science and Technology,
Food Engineering department has a web page but link is broken just at present (4/97).
Middle East Technical University: Dpt.Food Engineering (Turkey)
Part of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, the web site has information in English on research and teaching programs, links to other food science departments both in Turkey and internationally.

UK & Ireland

Brookes University: Nutrition and food Science research directory
There seems to be a department teaching this subject, but this page relates more to the research done by its staff.
Uni.of Wales ,Cardiff, Faculty of Community Health Sciences
Course information for BSc (Honours) Applied Human Nutrition, which can lead to dietitians registration.

Cardiff Institute of Higher Education:Dietetics training
Based on B.Sc. course, also information on Food Science training.
University College Chester (UK): MSc. Exercise & Nutrition Science
Brief program details.
Univ.of College Cork, Faculty of Food Science and Technology
Information on department, research and related bodies and services such as the Food Communications Information Service and the National Food Biotechnology Centre.
The Dublin Institute of Technology: Dpt.Food Science
Brief organisational information, which is about to change as they are changing the structure of theh campus soon (4/97).
Glascow Caledonian University: Dpt.Biological Science: Human Nutrition degree
Departmental information, including their commercial activities. B.Sc. in human nutrition has dietetics and food science options.
University of Glasgow: Department of Human Nutrition
Information on the staff, students, research interests and publications. There is also a separate web page for information on their Clinical Nutrition Diploma, a post-graduate medical degree.

Kings College, London : Dpt.Nutrition & Dietetics
Information on staff and courses. If you drill down there is actually quite a lot of syllabus course detail provided.
Leeds University: Dpt. Food Science
Course and research information.
Liverpool John Moores University: Food and Nutrition degree
Health education degree with major in food and nutrition, this page describes the course.
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine: Human Nutrition Unit
A research unit within the Department of Public Health and Policy in the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Its current research interests include: energy balance and metabolism, micronutrients, nutrition in the elderly, nutritional epidemiology, nutrition and policy, health promotion (coronary prevention group). Web page has details on staff, research interests, publication and teaching information. A downloadable document is : Inpatient treatment of severely malnourished children (148K PDF file).

Manchester Metropolitan: Dpt. Food, Consumer Technology
Course and faculty information only.
Nottingham University, Dpt. Biochemistry and Nutrition Research
Food science and animal nutrition teaching is strong, but they also research and teach human nutrition.
Queen Margeret College London, Dpt. Dietetics & Nutrition
Departmental information and news.
Reading Food Science Technology
Typical home page, some links.
Robert Gordon Univ., Scotland: Dpt.Health and Food
Information on courses in dietetics, nutrition and food science.
Sheffield Univ., Centre for Human Nutrition
Course outline for MMedSci/MSc/Diploma in Human Nutrition.
Univ.of Southampton, Medical School: Dpt.Human Nutrition
Interdisciplinary work within the medical faculty and have a number of post-graduate students.

Strathclyde University: Dpt Biosciences
Conducts food research.

Other European countries

Belgium: Université catholique de Louvain, L'Unité de Biochimie de la Nutrition
Organisational information in French.
Croatia: Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology - Univ. of Zagreb
Organisational information.
Estonia: Institute of Food Processing - Tallinn Technical University
Within main university web site.
Keleuven Univ., Holland: Dpt Food & Microbial Technology,
A little information on their research activities.
Czech Republic: Masaryk University of Brno, Faculty of Medicine: Degree in Human Nutrition
Briefest of descriptions of this undergraduate degree in human nutrition available to foreign as well as local students.
Prague Institute of Chemical Technology: Food Science training
They are involved in food science, but there is little available on the subject at present, and most of it is in Czech.
Greece: Technological Educational Institution of Athens: Faculty of Food Technology and Nutrition
Briefest of program descriptions in English.
Slovak Agricultural University in Nitra
Teach agricultural and food chemistry. The whole site is in the Slovak language.
Spain: Granada University. Science Faculty research groups
Has several groups working in nutrition areas: lipids and health, "intestinal toxicology", animal nutrition etc.
Switzerland: ETH Zürich, Dpt.Agriculture, Food Science
Departmental information, links and access to the universities `on-line library' of electronic reports and theses. There is a separate web site for the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition.

Institute for Food Science, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich
Part of the Department of Agriculture and Food Science of ETHZ, it has Institutes in:
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This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at university and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages. This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at university and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages. This is a collection of nutrition links related to nutrition at university and College. This includes lists of universities with nutrition, food science or dietetic departments, dietetic internship, nutrition departmental home pages.